A downloadable game for Windows

A short detective game created for GMTK Jam 2019

Look at windmills through binoculars, travel the desert on your motorbike and triangulate the information left by previous expeditions to solve the puzzle and gain admittance to the lost tomb of Sekhemkhet. But be careful - you have ONLY ONE chance to get it right. 

Code & design - @chonkurabb

Writing & design - @mrfergusdoyle


WASD: Move

Right Click: Interact

Left Click: Inventory

Left Shift: Binoculars

1 - 5: Change held item


Finders Keepers GMTK 2019 209 MB
Finders Keepers Post Jam Version 211 MB


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Nice work, I enjoyed it. 

I only figured out there were multiple inventory items AFTER finishing the game.  I hit restart after winning, and got to see the controls info again, and noticed you can press 1 - 5 to see the different items.  :)  So I played it more like a general Easter egg hunt, just looking everywhere.

I also had trouble at one point when first going to the tomb, that I didn't have a mouse cursor.  I think you'll find the Unity code for showing, hiding, constraining the mouse cursor is different in a build than in the editor (and it's quite annoying to get it all set up right!).  But it can be done!  Double check that the user can successfully alt-tab away from the game and back again, and still have a working cursor, if possible.  Then you'll know you've got it right.

Cool atmosphere.  :)

Thank you MUZBOZ! I'll update it to make the inventory system more clear (and fix that cursor issue) in the post-gamejam version. Good to know you enjoyed it and that it can even be completed without the clues :D

Nice one!

I love the look of it, just seeing the screenshot. 
Something about black & white that looks great.  :)