Created in 48 hours for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2017 (Please contact me if you need a downloadable version!)

The Roller Dome is fast paced combat game on roller skates. 

How To Play:

Pull off tricks to replenish your ammo, the higher the score, the more ammo you'll receive


Up -  Accelerate

Left/Right - Steer

X - Fire

C (Tap) - Grind

C (Hold) - Prewind (Allows you to spin faster mid air, the longer you hold, the fast you'll go)

Created By:

Mraugh- Sprites

Sopcen - Everything except sprites


Engine - Unity Personal
Art - Piskel (
Sound Effects: Freesounds (
Fonts - 
04b_30 by 04
04b_11 by 04
CryptCreepBB - Blambot - (C) Nate Piekos
Boo_City - (c) 2014, Tyler Finck

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